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Chrysalis Foundation

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Chrysalis was founded in 1989 by Des Moines philanthropist Louise Noun. Focusing on unmet needs of women and girls, Chrysalis provided scholarships, emergency funds, and conference sponsorships to community organizations addressing quality of life for the women and girls of Greater Des Moines. Chrysalis was the first and the largest permanent resource in Iowa dedicated exclusively to funding Chrysalis was the first and the largest permanent resource in Iowa dedicated exclusively to funding and advocacy on behalf of girls and women.

Today, Chrysalis continues to support the lives of girls and women by ensuring their access to resources, information, and services necessary to thrive in their homes and communities.

Our mission, to invest in the safety, security, education, and economic empowerment of girls and women in our community, is accomplished through grants, education and technical support. Chrysalis is proud to have contributed over $3.8 million dollars into after-school programs for girls since 1998 with proven results of increased intent to finish high school, improved ability to resist peer pressure; more willingness to take responsibility for their actions and greater understanding that working hard today will make life a success in the future.* Chrysalis also makes operational grants to community partners who impact the safety, security, education and economic empowerment of girls and women. Nearly 10,000 women and children a year are served by the organizations Chrysalis supports. **

With all operating expenses funded by the Chrysalis endowment, the foundation invests 100% of community support into the mission.

*Results based on evaluations from participation in Chrysalis After-School which rate much higher than other Iowa girls as compared to the Iowa Youth Survey. For more information, contact Chrysalis.

**The local nonprofit organizations who receive community partner grants provide emergency or transitional shelter services, employment assistance, domestic violence services, tutoring, microenterprise development, financial literacy, and case management.

Chrysalis Foundation

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