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Kathryn Dickel
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Heather Hansen
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Internship Program

The MIDWESTIX internship program mission is to provide students with a bridge that connects the gap between craft, creative voice and the entertainment business. Contact us today to find out more about joining our team at .

Not an ordinary ticketing company.

Our manifesto

MIDWESTIX holds one belief above all others; that art, in the form of music, theatre, dance, culture et large is fundamental to the health and happiness of every one. It provides an essential space around which we connect to ourselves and each other as well as find respite in an often turbulent life.

This fundamental gift we share with each other should be accessible, affordable and core to the communities in which it is enjoyed. It is not simply a commodity to be bought and sold for financial benefit, but a relationship to be nurtured and experienced between creator and fan. We believe it is our role as a ticketing company and event producers to shepherd these moments into our collective reality.

We are fans, HUGE FANS, and have let music, specifically, guide us to and through major moments of our lives. Some would say it's dangerous to carry such passion into the cut-throat, money-hungry world of entertainment. We say it's reckless and inauthentic to be guided by anything but what you love.

We approach every opportunity to work with a client with open communication, collaboration, flexibility and honesty. We do not aspire to work with every promoter, venue or organization on the planet, but with those we can add true value to and promote real growth for. If we make a mistake we'll own it and make it right. If we feel a client is making a poor decision we will be open with our opinion in an effort to give the client as much information as needed in their process. That being said, we will faithfully act on the client's decision whatever that may be.

These guiding principles have given us 20 years of productivity, growth and lasting relationship both with clients and fans alike. We have also had the privilege of working with multitudes of artists, volunteers, producers, executive directors, boards of directors, city officials and most importantly FANS to grow the entertainment ecosystems we work in. This has meant more moments for us all to experience the joy of art. Our gratitude is immeasurable.

Keeping it local

What does this mean and why is it important enough to be called out in our "About Us" section? MIDWESTIX operates on a "cooperative" model of ticketing. As more organization and events in your local area use us the stronger the network you use to promote your event becomes. That is why we are focused on building locally both in client base and in entertainment ecosystems. A significant portion of our dollars go into creating art, not just profiting off it. We allocate 10% of profits and over $30,000 pro-bono services to support organization events and entertainment education.

Our story

MIDWESTIX started with a request. We had a historical venue in our hometown, Des Moines Iowa, ask us if we could expand our marketing company (Swaelu Media) to provide a ticketing solution for their venue and their other colleagues in the arts and culture field. What followed was some great focus groups that helped us build a vision and foundation for the ticketing company we would create. Three principals were formed from those meetings: 1) A cooperative model of ticketing where venues in local and regional markets could work with each other marketing their events. 2) Low service fees that would not price events out of fans' pocket books. 3) A commitment to giving back to our community through supporting the work of creators and producers so that cultural offerings would flourish and create places we wanted to live.

Heather and Kathryn lived on the same street and met as neighbors. After a pizza and bottle of wine we realized we had the same love of music and complimentary talents in the marketing field (Heather the designer, Kathryn the Project Manager). That very night we decided to start working together and haven't looked back since. People often comment on how lucky we are to have a strong partnership that has endured and grown for 10+ years and we couldn't agree more.

Our mission

Is to positively impact the growth of the organizations we work with and the entertainment ecosystems they exist in. To that end we have a strong commitment to collaboration. We'd be happy to help you explore how different ticketing models can enhance your sales. Please contact us with any questions or ideas you have with regard to establishing a relationship with you.

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